Harmony for Youth 

 dedicates itself to bettering 

 the next generation of 

 Sarnia-Lambton youth! 


To all Harmony for Youth Membership and Future Membership:


WE ARE STILL HERE!  Please don’t think that the Board of Directors has forgotten you or that Harmony is closed forever. I know some thought that when we had our sale in June, “that was it and Harmony had shut its doors forever”. This was simply not true.


Here ARE the facts

Our June Sale helped reduce the items we needed to store. We kept the equipment we knew we needed for future classes and events and just sold the rest!  We have found inside heated storage for all our instruments and equipment. Thank you so much to UNIFOR Local 914 for their kindness and generosity.

We still have expenses, though greatly reduced at this time. Our phone, website fees, insurance, tax audits etc still come every month. Money from the June sale is helping to keep our bills paid but the account is being drained!  Normal fundraising events we did in the past- BBQ’s, annual Haunted House, concerts, park cleanups etc have all stopped during the pandemic.  Efforts for new methods of raising funds are being cautiously studied. ANY DONATIONS from our community will help sustain us as we pace ourselves during the pandemic.

We are lucky- Harmony for Youth has no paid staff. VOLUNTEERS, who we value greatly, perform almost all of our efforts and services. This past week the Board and others have met and held consultations to understand:

  • What the government, schools and “Best Practices” tell us and how best to proceed including what protocols must be in place to open up again to the membership to keep the membership safe and healthy in these trying times.

  • Those who wish to teach their talents to our members

  • What lessons might look like when we open up.

  • How to offer “Harmony” back to the public.

  • seeking out the best option for a new, temporary or better yet permanent home. Where we might call home and open back up our new doors to the membership.

Harmony for Youth’s Board of Directors, mentors and teachers and all our volunteers miss you all more than you can even imagine. Our members are the ones who breathe joy into our hearts and souls.

We want everyone to experience “Harmony in Ourselves, each Other and the World Around US!” Until we can meet again -

Please be safe and healthy!

Paul Kearney

President, Harmony for Youth


Special Thank You to all of our Sponsors! Without you, there would be no Harmony!

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