Our History:

Harmony was founded in 1995 after the tragic suicide of a young student. Formed to provide an opportunity for young people to express themselves in a safe environment, and learn artistic skills to boost their self-esteem and confidence. It began in the founder’s home with twelve youth. The Centre has been and still is operated by volunteers committed to the youth.


Promoting an environment built on respect for one another in a positive, encouraging, and constructive manner is how Harmony provides excellent children and youth programs.

A strong team of individuals that strive to improve all aspects of programming on a regular basis, along with a diverse group of volunteers and leaders help to nourish the growth, structure and development of quality programs.

  Our Founder    Joanne Klauke-Labelle  

Volunteer and instructional training is provided to fortify and improve the current youth strategies, technology, innovation and issues facing our youth. Qualitative as well as quantitative measures are in place to review quarterly our successes as well as our shortcomings. Action plans are implemented to improve programs and bolster our accountability. These measures are taken at each management and volunteer level.

No waiting lists, pre-requisites, or financial fees, allow any youth wanting to participate in programs. Through referrals, word of mouth, and a variety of community introductions, youth come to us for self-esteem and self-worth building activities and classes. Intake interviews, meetings and teacher reports are standard procedure to constantly ensure that our organizations programs, standards and practices are effective and efficient.  

 Harmony has improved the self-esteem of youth, and taught coping skills for youth. These are some of the results our programs achieve. We provide a constructive avenue for youth to express themselves, and offer an environment free of negative social ills such as exclusion, bullying, and negativity. The programs reach many struggling youth who could not afford to source extra-curricular programming. Providing these programs to kids who have been suffering from social ills such as shyness, learning disabilities, etc. gives them an outlet to communicate and express themselves without fearing ridicule, judgment, exclusion or bullying. 

Harmony maintains operations that are sustainable, transparent, with consistent and effective programs. This is done with continuous measures, controls and reviews.

Harmony celebrates outstanding results since our inception. These include, never having a waiting list, pre-requisite, or financial fee for the youth that have entered into our programs. 

Our organization operates with low over-head, which results in more dollars for programming.


Youth have been able to learn vital coping skills through the arts. Through our “Pay it forward” programs where a youth is required to give one hour of community service for each hour of lessons received to them, the youth have learned the simple joys of giving of oneself, increasing their sense of Self-Worth. This results in improved Self-Esteem and showing the youth their own place in a supportive community.

We have engaging governance within the organization that strives to improve all aspects of operations by implementing achievement measures, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and community accountability.

For almost 25 years, Harmony has been a voice for the youth of Sarnia/Lambton providing a safe and nurturing environment free of negativity and bullying. A place for youth from every area in our city to learn and hone new skills, give back to the community and increase their self-respect, self-worth and self-awareness.